Distribution of Profits


Basic Policy for Distributing Dividends

Our basic policy, based on clear standards, is to pay stable and continuous dividends from the profits gained by effectively utilizing funds received from shareholders. The annual dividend per share is either of the higher amount: 60 yen per share or an amount which would make the annual dividend payout ratio of 50% (the net income per share on a consolidated basis). We consider internal reserve funds to be important funds to reinforce management practices, and will use them effectively to expand our business operations based on mid- and long-term perspectives. Decisions regarding distributing dividends from surplus are to be made by the Board of Directors to ensure mobility of our capital and dividend policies.

Total Consolidated
Payout Ratio
FY2018 ¥30 ¥30 ¥60 -
FY2019 ¥30 ¥30 ¥60 -
FY2020 ¥0 ¥30 ¥30 -
FY2021 ¥30 ¥30 ¥60 103.4%
FY2022 ¥30

Dividend per share for the fiscal year ending February 28, 2023

The amount of annual divedened per share is expected to be 60 yen(of which 30 yen is an interim dividened).

Shareholder Benefit Program

Shareholder Benefits

Shareholder Shopping Vouchers are sent annually to shareholders. The vouchers can be redeemed at “Hotto Motto”, “Yayoiken”, “Ageruya”,and “MK Restaurants”. Each person can use up to two vouchers at one time. (The vouchers are not redeemable at stores overseas.)

Shareholder Shopping Vouchers

Qualifications for Shareholder Benefits

The vouchers will be sent to shareholders who own 100shares or more for continued holding period of one year or more and whose names appear on the share register at the end of this year February.
The vouchers are sent based on the number of shares owned. Shareholders owning 100 shares or more; less than 1,000 shares receive five vouchers with a value of 500 yen each (equivalent to 2,500 yen).
Shareholders owning 1,000 shares or more receive ten vouchers with a value of 500 yen each (equivalent to 5,000 yen).

  • “continued holding period of one year”
    Same name and shareholder number are consecutively recorded more than three times on the most recent share register. (i.e. Same name and shareholder number are on the share register at end of last year February, August and a end of this year February.)
  • The voucher will sent based on the number of shares owned at the end of this year February.

Time of Delivery

Vouchers will be delivered in late May. (Once a year)

Store Information

Click here to find your nearest store.

Stock-related administrative work

Should you have any questions regarding the delivery time of dividend documents or shareholder shopping vouchers, please refer to the “FAQ” section of our website.

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